Those are my 3 Ducks!

Perfect Fall Recipe: Apple Teal (Duck)

Perfect appetizer!

I have convinced 3 more doubters that duck is good…no, very good! My husband hasn’t been much of a duck hunter since I’ve known him. A family friend convinced him to go hunting last Thursday. I nicely begged-demanded (if that’s possible) that he bring me home a duck because I had a recipe that had been rolling around in my head for almost a year.

I was brought 3 lovely little ducks (this is a very good thing, chances are they were young). After they (the ducks) did a little visit to our local small town bank and spent the day refrigerated there traumatizing the bank ladies my husband works with. Late in the day I stopped by and I was greeted with “did you hear what’s in the fridge?” And, “your not going to eat them are you??” I guess even in a small town in the middle of no-where, people are still shocked when your husband shows up to work in full camo with 3 ducks (still fully feathered) to work. Oh, so much work to be done with my country city slickers!

I think duck is one of the easier “wild things” to cook. I didn’t say tastier. I know duck can be…well ducky tasting. I created a recipe a couple of years ago for one of my sponsors, Super Value, for duck, at their annual trade show. It was a huge hit. I figured I’d play off the flavors of the duck instead of trying to mask them. I’ve found when I try to mask a wild game flavor, it usually ends up tasting it more gamey, because the flavors compete with each other.

I hope this becomes a new family favorite for your family too! I hate to see such good duck wasted. Many duck hunters I know don’t eat them. That’s so sad! Try this recipe and let me know what you think or if it inspires you to try some new flavor concocting on your own.

I’m going to post this one step by step for you. It will make the process easy to follow. Plus, I’m sure you want to hear more of my bad duck humor. Right?

Raw duck ready for the oven.
Raw duck ready for the oven.

Step 1. Make sure your duck is very clean (okay, not that soap please) and free of feathers. I like to leave the breast skin on to help keep it moist while it cooks.

Ready to shred.
Ready to shred.

I wrapped these breasts in foil on a cooking sheet, after I seasoned them with some seasoned salt. Then I baked them for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees. If your ducks are cold they make take longer. DO NOT OVER COOk! The goal is to cook them long enough until they are cook through. Check them often if need be.

Pull the duck off the bone. Perfectly cooked duck will come off easy. Over cooked duck will not.
Pull the duck off the bone. Perfectly cooked duck will come off easy. Over cooked duck will not.

Who wants to eat shoe leather for dinner? Yuck! You can even under cook your duck. We will be cooking it a tad more later…so it will be all cooked. Stop freaking out over raw duck. Try to control oven mitted hand that refuses to cooperate and puts the duck back in the oven. You can do it! Think…shoe leather… yuck!

Apples from my tree out back.
Apples from my tree out back.

Saute your apples with 1-2 tablespoons of butter over medium high heat. Add 2 tablespoons of water and cover and cook for 4-5 minutes, until apples are soft.

See how easy this is?
See how easy this is?

Now this is where is gets a little difficult . Add 2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce, 1/4 cup brown sugar and stir until the apples start to caramelize. Add the shredded duck, stir to coat duck. 


Off the heat and prep your crusts. Here I used a pizza doughy crusty thing, you can use crostini or french bread, both are good!

Wow your guests!
Wow your guests!

Top with sour cream mixed with a dash of horseradish sauce and pepper. I like to place a small slice of apple on top for garnish. I’ve use chopped chives too. Both are pretty.

See how easy that was. Have no fear! Duck is good and tasty too! They think so too!

We don't care about Duck...for now anyway.
We don’t care about Duck…for now anyway.


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3 thoughts on “Perfect Fall Recipe: Apple Teal (Duck)”

  1. Thanks for posting the recipe, the teal are migrating through and maybe if I get enough of them, I can turn it into a dinner rather than appetizer.

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